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            Manufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, and exhaust accessories for cars, muscle cars, trucks, diesel trucks, SUV’s, motorhomes, ATVs and most vehicles. Flowmaster exhaust systems and mufflers come with that distinctive “Flowmaster Sound” available in mild, moderate and aggressive tones.

            The Flowmaster muffler not only offers a unique and aggressive tone it also offers improver power and fuel economy requiring less fuel to reach the same performance levels. The Flowmaster technology improves the performance of the engine by improving the removal of exhaust gases out of the cylinder for the next cycle.

            The Flowmaster sound is the true tone of American muscle and performance, available in a wide range of domestic and import applications for automobiles and trucks. Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than original equipment and competitive aftermarket products. What makes Flowmaster so unique is that its performance improvement is paired with our unique exhaust tones. The Flowmaster sound is offered in many different tones depending upon the muffler series.

            The muffler that started it all, the original 40 Series Muffler is an aggressive sounding street/strip muffler that delivers a powerful Flowmaster sound. If you really want to hear your exhaust system – from both inside and outside of the vehicles, the 40 Series is for you. Available in either aluminized steel or 409S Stainless Steel and fully MIG welded durability. 4” Thick x 9.5” Wide x 13” Long with inlet/outlet sizes from 2.25” up to 3”.

Flowmaster Product and Tech Support Line

Toll Free 1-800-544-4761


ASW carries the new high performanc V Series Ful Boar Muffler. Full Boar offers new technology and deflector style muffers that substantially outperforms the competition.

We offer original equipment for auto and trucks for both domestic and import. A full line of OB2 catalytic converters in direct fit for ease of installation

Also, don't forget the O2 sensor, the number one cause of converter failure. We offer factory replacement direct fit O2 sensors

Looking for increased performance and fuel milage for that diesel truck? ASW offers large diameter exhausts


F Series - Super Duty Pick-Up - Diesel
Ford Truck 8 Cyl.

8 Cyl. F250/30 Super Duty; 7.3L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Engine.

Series C20/2500
Chevy/GMC Truck 8 Cyl.

8 Cyl. Silverado/Sierra 2500 HD /3500 6.6L Diesel Engine; 133" W.B.; 2 WD/4 WD.

Ram Pickup - 2WD/4WD
Dodge/Plymouth Truck 8 Cyl.

8 Cyl. Ram 2500/3500 w/ 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine: All wheel bases.